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Generate your own energy

The energy that benefits you

Self-consumption is the consumption by one or more electricity consumers from production facilities close to the consumption location.

If you are already a self-consumer and are connected to the grid, you can sell your energy surplus and save even more on your electricity bill. We take care of all the paperwork so that you can do it in a simple and agile way.

If you are not a self-consumer and you want to join the change to renewable energy, CEP will provide you with a comprehensive service so that you can start generating your own energy.

Sale of surplus Installation of solar panels

Professional Guide to Self-consumption Processing


Sell the electricity you do not consume

The current legislation of the Electricity Sector (Law 24/2013, of December 26) defines self-consumption and distinguishes several modalities of it.

Among these modalities, there are those facilities that, in addition to generating electricity for their own electricity consumption, can inject surplus energy into the transmission and distribution networks. This variant is called self-consumption supply with surplus.


Example of surplus compensation

Installations with surplus may be:

With surpluses with compensation

The energy that is not instantly self-consumed is fed into the grid so that at the end of the billing period the value of this surplus energy will be compensated in your electricity bill.

With surpluses not eligible for compensation

The energy that is not instantly self-consumed is fed into the grid and sold, obtaining the electricity market price for it.

With either of the two modalities, self-consumption installations offer you significant savings on your electricity bill.

If you are a self-consumer and wish to sell your surplus, we take care of all the necessary procedures so that you can make the most of your installation.

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Install solar panels with the best professionals

In CEP Energía we have agreements with the best installers of photovoltaic panels, with presence throughout the territory.

We offer a comprehensive project management, conducting a preliminary study of your needs, ensuring an installation with our seal of quality and managing the necessary procedures with the administration for the legalization of your installation as a self-consumer.

As a self-consumer you will be able to:

  • Generate your own energy
  • Sell your surplus on the grid
  • Save on your electricity bill
  • Contribute to protect the environment with clean energy

For more information, please contact us and we will answer all your questions