CEP - Comercializadora Eléctrica Peninsular

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CEP - Comercializadora Eléctrica Peninsular

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The Best Rate

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At CEP Energía we work to offer you the best possible tariff at market price. We study your bill and help you to reduce your energy costs. Save with us.

The three sectors we cover


Hire a customized rate that fits your energy consumption. We study your bill and tell you how much you can save.

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Choose the best energy for your business and optimize your electricity costs. Our experts will study which rate best suits your needs.

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Property Administrators

Manage in an agile and simple way the electricity consumption of your homeowner's associations. We take care of all the procedures.

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Who can contract CEP Energía?

At CEP Energía we provide service to both individuals and companies. We will advise you at all times on the tariff that best suits your consumption.

What procedures are needed to switch to CEP Energía?

Just send us an email to clientes@cepenergia.com attaching your electricity bill and we will take care of the rest. Afterwards, we will make you a personalized offer adapted to your consumption.

How much does it cost to switch to CEP Energía?

There is no cost associated with switching electric companies. Join CEP Energy and start saving with 100% renewable energy.

Is there a risk of power outage when changing electricity companies?

There is no cost associated with switching electric companies. Join CEP Energy and start saving with 100% renewable energy.

Can I modify the contracted power?

At CEP Energía we manage the changes you need to adapt the power to your consumption, according to your needs.

How often will I receive an invoice from CEP Energía?

The invoice is issued on a monthly basis, once we verify that the meter readings are correct.

What is the Energy term on my bill? What about Power?

Your Energy term is the amount corresponding to the amount of energy (electricity) you have consumed. The cost is the result of multiplying the consumption for the month by the price per kWh (according to your tariff).

The power term is a fixed amount on your bill charged by the distribution company for using its electrical networks and allowing the light to reach your home.

Who is responsible for the quality of supply?

The company responsible for the quality of supply is the distribution company, which is in charge of guaranteeing the correct supply of energy. This company charges a toll for the energy transport service that will be directly reflected in your electricity bill.

What can I do if I have a breakdown?

In the event of a breakdown, you should call the distributor's 24-hour breakdown telephone number as soon as possible, which you will see on your bill, indicating your contract or CUPS number.

What is CUPS code?

The Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS) is a unique 20 or 22 digit code that identifies an energy supply point in Spain.

Who generates the electrical energy that I consume?

Generating companies are responsible for producing energy in their production plants and transferring it to the electricity grid. At CEP Energía we supply certified green energy with guarantees of origin.


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At CEP Energía we offer a comprehensive professional service to our customers, focusing on saving energy costs, with a quality supply.

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